Adoption Success Stories

After giving so much love and care to the animals that stay with us, we are always excited to hear about how they are doing in their new homes. Sit back and enjoy the “tails” of our Purrfect Pets or submit your own success story about your Waif.

If you have a story you would like to submit, we would love to hear it. Click to submit your story.

Timber is making progress everyday!  He has gone leaps and bounds from when we adopted him. 
From his not so good beginnings, he is learning what love is and what life is like. It’s such a beautifully sweet thing to witness. From swimming in creeks and getting all dirty to snuggling on the couch watching Pets (you know- to learn how to be a pet) this boy is enjoying life. Timber is a gentle giant. He loves all animals, even massive frogs by the creek! We are loving life with him. He crawls into bed with our youngest and won’t leave for anything! He loves story time. I am so happy to have found him online. He is such a good boy. We love him dearly.

Lula & Irene are always together! We’re so happy we could give them a wonderful forever home and life together! They had their annual checkup yesterday… everything is good. Lula was 8.3 pounds when we got her and she’s up to 10.6. Irene was 4.0 pounds when we got her and she’s up to 9.5 pounds! LOL. They are living the dream life in their forever home. 

Rex and Fiona were rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa in October 2021. Scared and unsocialized, they had to learn how to trust humans and how to be real dogs. They had never played with toys, had tummy rubs, or even known the unconditional love from a human. After months of working with Wayside’s Behavior Team, they enjoy being around people, playing with toys, and were able to trust. They also received much needed medical care. 

This tremendous transformation wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors. Thanks to animal lovers like you, dogs like Rex and Fiona received the second chance they deserved.

Rex and Fiona were adopted in January and are living their best lives with a family who loves them immensely. Thank you for supporting the animals at Wayside Waifs! 

Trouble is an absolute delight and we are over the moon that he joined our family. He was our daughter’s fifth birthday and ever since he spends about 70% of his time being carried (he loves it). Here is a photo of our little prince who we now call Charlie. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!

Bert, or as we have renamed him to Buddy, is doing great. He felt right at home since day one. He definitely has brought so much fun and new energy to our lives.

He has done wonderful around other people, including kids, as well as other dogs. He is already so attentive to us that we are able to walk him without a leash, only when safe to do so. He always makes sure he stays close by when not on a leash, as if he is checking in to make sure he is at a good distance from us.

We are beyond happy and thrilled to have Buddy in our home, and look forward to all the adventures in the future.

Thank you for reaching out and checking on him. Everything with his adoption went very smoothly. We almost were not able to get him, as other people were lined up to see him after us, so I am very thankful for the quick work by Wayside staff in making this adoption possible.

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