It’s that time again to meet our Waifs of the Week: Hershey, Nugget, and Mason!

This is Hershey, a beautiful five-year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Her last shelter ran out of space for her, so she was transferred here. But not to worry, she is ready to find her peeps! She’s enjoying her time here, but she is looking for a home to call her own. She can be nervous at first, so she politely asks that she goes to a home without small children under the age of five. She wants to be the queen of the castle, so she requests she is your only pet. She’s an excitable girl, and loves going on walks. She will probably need a harness because she is known to pull; the world is just so exciting! She’s ready to learn new things with you! With the motivation of treats, she is wanting to learn more basic obedience, but she already knows ‘come.’ Honestly, she would be the happiest by your side, whether it is on a walk or lounging around the house. Come get some Hershey kisses at Wayside!

**Nugget is currently staying in a foster home.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet him, please contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426. Thanks!**

This dashing young man is Nugget, and he is an eleven month old cat. He is a tuxedo cat, which means he is always ready for a formal outing with you!  Nugget was transferred here from Iowa after his shelter ran out of space. Making new friends in a new city is always hard, but he quickly charmed the new staff and volunteers at Wayside. Nugget became a favorite because of those paw-some cuddles he gives! Unfortunately, the longer he stayed in the shelter the more stressed he became. The staff and volunteers noticed he was slowly getting worse. That’s when his guardian angel came to rescue him, his wonderful foster mom! Nugget is enjoying a much needed break from the shelter, and getting all the cuddles he wants! His foster parents are showing him what it means to be loved. One of his best attributes is that he loves being carried around the house. Cuddling is a must, so his new family needs to be prepared for that! Some of his favorite things to do are play in cardboard boxes, watch the world outside, and talk to his foster family. There are a few things you should know though. He is not a fan of sharing, so he would like to be the only cat in the home. When he gets stressed, he has some loose stools, and grain-free seems to have helped him, so his diet should consist of grain-free food and treats. His tummy will be very thankful for this. If you are looking for a snuggle bug who wants attention like no other, contact the Adoptions team to get in touch with Mr. Nugget!

This is Mason, a handsome two-year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. He was transferred here after his last shelter ran out of space for him, but that is okay! Mason is ready to find a family to call his own! He’s happy to be at Wayside while he waits for his new peeps! He’s an energetic boy, so he will do best in a home without small children under the age of five. He is ready to learn basic obedience with you, and he is a smart boy. As long as you have treats at the ready, he is ready to learn! As he is such an energetic boy, it is best that he will be walked on a harness because of potential pulling, but he does well with it! He is ready to go on walks and even runs with you if you are up for it. If you’re looking for a sweet, fun boy, Mason is the one for you. Come by Wayside to meet him today!

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Written by Teryn