Preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives

Wayside Waifs is a no kill animal shelter, located in south Kansas City, Missouri, on 50 beautiful acres. Helping animals since 1944, and only through the generosity of donors, Wayside Waifs is able to serve more than 6,000 animals annually.


Wayside Waifs’ FEMA certified Animal Rescue and Response Team rescues animals in our community, in rural areas, or wherever disaster strikes. We also partner with national welfare organizations to help animals in dire situations and deplorable conditions.


This is the start of every animal’s journey at Wayside. Animals come to Wayside through our Animal Transfer Program, our Stray Services contracts, and through Owner Surrenders. Every animal receives an initial medical assessment, vaccinations, behavior evaluation, and is photographed.

Vet Clinic

The 11,000 square foot clinic includes exam tables, dentistry equipment, digital x-ray machine, a surgery suite, and more. This, combined with a caring staff of two veterinarians along with veterinarian assistants, ensures that every animal receives top-notch medical care during their stay.

Foster Care

Foster families provide in-home care to animals that are too young, too sick, or just need time out of the shelter to feel good again. While in foster care, Wayside supplies all medical care, medicine, food, toys, and other items for the foster family. Once the animals are the medically or behaviorally healthy, and at the proper age/weight, they return to Wayside and become available for adoption.


Each year, more than 6,000 animals come to Wayside Waifs looking for a second chance. As part of our no kill mission and commitment to preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives, Wayside strives to place as many animals as possible in responsible, loving homes. Wayside has a 97% live release rate. Only animals with extreme medical conditions or extreme behavior issues are humanely euthanized.

Humane Education

Wayside’s Humane Education department delivers programs to more than 13,000 students in Kansas City, proactively working to prevent animal abuse and neglect. Our nationally recognized anti-violence program, No More Bullying!, teaches children compassion, respect, and responsibility through positive interaction with animals in the classroom.

Pet Memorial Services

Wayside Waifs has been helping families for generations with compassionate aftercare for cherished family pets. Your friends at Wayside Waifs truly understand the pain of losing a family pet. We are here to support you during this time of sorrow and help make final arrangements for your pet.

Behavior Evaluation & Training

We know that for an animal to be at their best, both medical and mental needs must be met. All pets are evaluated and some begin training programs to learn basic commands. A small percentage of the animals need behavior modification before being adopted. Our team of trained staff and volunteers create individual modification plans for these animals to meet their individual needs. Wayside also offers dog training classes to the public. To learn more click here.



Wayside Waifs has hundreds of adoptable animals
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Tuesday - Friday: 11am-7pm
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