We have barn cats among barn cats! We have five barn cats available for adoption and we figured it was a good time to discuss our barn cat program. Note: We’d like to state that we do not KNOWINGLY accept barn cats to our program. These are cats that have been deemed barn cats by our Feline Care Manager, and usually come in as strays. We only adopt out barn cats. If you are interested in one of our barn cats, at the end of the post we’ll provide a link to get more information about how to get on the waiting list.*

Some cats prefer the call of the wild and don’t envision their life on a warm lap, being pampered to 24 hours a day.  For this reason, Wayside Waifs has started our own Barn Cat Program.  This program is for cats that are not deemed adoptable but are healthy.  This would include cats that are feral (fearful and unsocial) or who are housesoilers/sprayers.  All cats will have bloodwork done and must be negative for Felv and FIV.

All cats will be altered and vaccinated before they leave as to help control the pet population. They will also receive flea/tick control. Adoption fees are waived for these cats.

Adopters must provide:

  • Safe and warm conditions/shelter
  • Fresh water and food daily
  • Provide medical care as needed

If you are interested in adopting a cat from our Barn Cat program, just inquire with our Adoptions Team when you arrive at Wayside Waifs. Wayside Waifs does not take in cats for the purpose of the program. Only cats already in our shelter that are not suited to a traditional home setting are deemed barn cats and placed in this program.  We also suggest you give staff your name and email so they can communicate with you on what kind of barn cat you’d like. We definitely have a waiting list, but we stay on top of it! We’d like to feature a few of our current barn cats we have:


Aspen is a semi-friendly barn cat.

Roberta is a normal feral barn cat.

Cat is a normal feral barn cat.

Breanna is a semi-friendly barn cat. We also have another barn cat who is not a fan of the spotlight, and declined an interview with us. They are looking for a non-traditional home, but a home nonetheless. Please inquire about them through email linked above. Thanks!

Written by Teryn J.