Puzzle feeders are great for treats!

● Feed all meals in some type of slow feeder or puzzle feeder. A good example of this would be a Kong
Wobbler. This helps them work for their food and keeps them occupied for a longer length of time.
● If the weather is nice freeze some treats or even a bone in a small water bowl. Pop it out and let them
work to get the treats while experiencing the texture and temperature of the ice.

Fill a kong with peanut butter and freeze! This will keep your dog busy for hours.

● Hide tiny treats around the room/outside area and let them search for them. Monitor closely if you
are a multiple dog household.
● Go for a car ride with the windows down if they enjoy car rides. Sit somewhere new like a park, lake,
or busy area if your dog likes to meet people. The new smells, sounds and sights are exciting to them.
Go to a lake or pond and let them get their feet wet.
● Fill an empty Gatorade bottle with a dozen or so treats and let them figure out how to get them out.
(monitor during this activity if they chew the bottle)
● Teach them a fun new command!! Shake, High Five, Roll Over.
● After a long walk read to them! Dogs typically love to be read to.

Take a towel and roll treats inside. Your pet can sniff out the treats and unroll the towel.

● If your dog enjoys smelling scents of animals outdoors, there are scent sticks available that you can
wipe on a rag or tennis ball and hide outside. Let them search to find it.
● Place treats at the bottom of a small laundry basket and fill with tennis balls or old towels. Let them
figure out how to get the treats.
● Roll treats up in a beach towel and let them get them out.
● Fill a KONG with yogurt, peanut butter, wet food, dog safe fruit/veg and freeze.
● Set up an indoor or outdoor agility course. Find things for them to jump over or
through. (hoola hoop) Utilize items from the house to keep it interesting. Laundry basket, pillows,
● Put a few treats or kibble in a cereal box or empty Kleenex box and let them destroy to get out. (Do
not play this if your dog wants to consume the cardboard.)