Hi there, I’m Parker! I’m happy and friendly and playful and lots of fun. Most importantly, there is no place on earth I’d rather be than right by your side. I’ll make such a nice friend and companion for you, if you’ll just give me my chance to shine. That’s all I’ve ever wanted…to become a beloved member of the family.

I’m an adorable, 1 year old, 43 pound sweetheart, with beautiful fur, an expressive face, and a silly, delightful personality. I came to Wayside after I was rescued by the ASPCA. For such a young dog, I have been through a lot of instability. And perhaps because of something that happened in my past, I am nervous and afraid around young kids. That’s ok though! I trust you to be my advocate and to keep me safe and content as I navigate through life.

I’m sweet and energetic, yet I have a mostly calm demeanor. I love to stay active and I have all sorts of interests. I enjoy walking, of course, and I do just great on my leash. I also like to hike and explore all that nature has to offer. The trails around KC are fantastic! I know this because I sometimes get chosen by the volunteers to go on field trips. It’s so nice to get a break from shelter life and just feel like a normal dog! I’m a little anxious in the car, but that’s just because it’s new to me. I love having someone give me attention and spoil me a little. One of my other favorite activities is running! I’ve recently joined the Wayside Running Club. My partners report that I keep a nice, easy pace, a loose leash, and a perfect focus. I try hard to match your pace. Whatever you like to do to stay active, please count me in! Daily exercise helps me stay happy, healthy, and calm.

I’m not all about activity though! I also love to cuddle and I soak up all the attention you give me. One of my favorite things is to just hang out with you and listen to you tell me about your day. I’m an excellent listener and I never judge! I am one smart cookie and I pick up on things very quickly. I already know all sorts of commands, which I can’t wait to show you, but I’d love to learn more! Please teach me throughout my life. I will thrive in a positive, consistent environment. Please stay patient and calm with me and praise me when I’m a good boy, so that I learn what you expect from me.

I love to participate in doggie playgroups here at Wayside! I’m quite popular with the other high energy dogs. I’ve been learning doggie social skills and manners during my stay at Wayside. I need to meet the whole family, including kids and other dogs, before we go home together, to make sure we’re all a good match for each other. And I’ll need a home with kids over the age of 15. I’d love a fenced yard to play in and I hope you’ll have time to spend with me. I know our life together can be something so special.

I’ve dreamed about having a family of my own to love and care for who will do the same for me. At times though, achieving my dream seemed so far away. Not anymore. I can feel my time is coming. I can’t wait for you to walk through the door asking to meet me. That will be the best day ever! I hope to see you soon!

Love, Parker

Parker is currently staying with a Foster Family. To schedule a meeting, contact our Adoptions team at [email protected]