Stevie Nicks

Hi there, I’m Stevie Nicks! No, I’m not in a band or anything like that, but I’m happy to be named after someone so special. And you can change my name when you come to adopt me, if you want to! I’ll answer to anything you decide to name me, because it means I’m your dog and part of your family. Ah, that sounds nice. I’m a friendly, social dog who loves to be right by your side!

I’m an adorable, 1 year old, 39 pound bundle of sweetness, with a joyful smile and a happy, fun personality. I will make a wonderful companion for you. I came to Wayside as a transfer from a shelter in Louisiana. I don’t think I’ve had the greatest life up to this point, but that’s about to change. I can feel it. Moving to Kansas City was the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so ready to start this next exciting chapter of my life with you!

I’ve quickly become a volunteer favorite, which makes me so happy! My new friends love that I’m charming and easy-going and just a really nice friend to spend your day with. My favorite thing is when they give me a break from shelter life and take me on field trips. It’s so nice to get some one-on-one attention and I’m happy to soak up all the love I get. I ride calmly and quietly in the car, enjoying every moment. I love to go to the local parks, where we walk on the trails and I can smell all the incredible scents of nature. I walk just great on my leash. I’m quiet and relaxed, once I get a little initial energy out. I listen well and I try my best to be a perfect companion. These field trip days are extra special to me and I hope to go on lots of adventures with you too, once you decide to adopt me.

I love the companionship of people and I seem to melt into you when you pet me. I’m just so happy to spend time with you whenever you want. I also love tasty treats and I promise to take them softly from your hand. I haven’t been trained much in the past, but I’m a bright dog and I love to learn, so please teach me! I will thrive in a positive, patient, calm, consistent environment. If you praise me when I’m a good girl, I’ll quickly learn what you expect from me. I’m eager to please and I love to make you proud.

Once I’m comfortable with you, I’m a playful, joyful dog. Sometimes I get jumpy when I’m excited. I can learn not to do this, but being in a shelter, I’m just so happy when someone stops by to give me attention that I sometimes forget my manners. I was never socialized with other dogs, so I will need to be the only dog in my new home. I promise to shower you with so much love and attention that I will be enough though!

I hope maybe you’re looking for a dog just like me to welcome into your family! And I hope you need me in your life just as much as I need you. I’ve waited for you my whole life. Please, let’s start making happy memories together.

Love, Stevie Nicks