It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and we try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Buster and Nugget, and we have some good news. Buster was adopted a few weeks ago, and has a wonderful forever home! Nugget was adopted the week of the blog’s post, so we would like to think it is bringing them luck! Without further ado, please welcome September’s Long-termers: Vega and Goldie!

This is Vega, a handsome two year old Cane Corso mix. Vega was originally brought to Wayside from a previous shelter who no longer had space for him. Upon arrival, many staff members thought he had a gorgeous color and was a sweet boy. He has been here 149 days now. Vega was behavior tested upon arrival, and our staff noticed he had some quirks.

He is big and strong, which can put a lot of people off, but he really is sweet! He needs an experienced owner that has handled dogs of his size before, as they know what they are getting into. He also does not particularly enjoy the company of other dogs, so a home without other dogs is best. He also has a kid restriction because of his size and strength. He could accidentally harm someone, and that is not something he nor any of us want to happen. He does take his food seriously as well, so he needs a calm and quiet place to eat away from everyone. With these restrictions, he has been harder to adopt out, but he has wonderful qualities as well!

Vega is Food, Toy, and Praise motivated. That means he is ready to learn Basic Obedience, and treats, any toys, and being told what a good boy he is motivates him! He already knows Sit, Down, and Come, and could easily learn more! Volunteers and staff noted that they enjoyed either walking with him or sitting with him, as he does well with both! He was adopted back in June, but was returned due to the family not being the right fit. They did provide us with some wonderful notes.

They noted that he was mostly housebroken, and did well sitting and sleeping in a crate! He was good at going outside and was a nice player. He listened to his already known commands, and he did well with a chain link fence. When he met new people, he did really well! Vega’s just tricky because he knows he is strong, and he likes to test the limits. He is also really smart, which causes him to be a bit stubborn.

He originally tested as Heartworm positive, but was treated during his stay here. During that time, he had to be on restricted activity and had a lot of pent up energy. That could be a factor for his energy level now. He did bite a staff member during a meet and greet, and it was noted that he was over aroused and it was more of a pressure bite. Since then, he has been worked with by staff only, to see what we can work on with him. So far, he is doing great!

Overall, Vega’s a pretty great guy, he just needs an experienced owner that is ready to take him on. Our Canine Care Manager and several staff and volunteers enjoy him, as he is a lovely guy. Vega would like to tell you about him in his own words!

“Hey there, I’m Vega! I’m a Cane Corso mix who’s looking for a place to call my own. After being transferred here from another shelter, I’m so ready to be done with shelter life and be in my fur-ever home! I love people, but I’ll do best in a home without small children. I’m a big guy and don’t realize how strong I am sometimes! I’d also prefer to be the only furry friend. I’m super smart and know the commands sit, down, and come but I’m ready to learn even more from you. Get me extra motivated with treats, toys, or praise! I’m pretty easy to please. I also like to be sure that I get plenty of exercise so let’s explore the world on walks! We’ll have so much fun getting active together. I’m a big guy with an even bigger heart. Come by soon so I can show you all I have to offer!”

You can learn more about Vega here. He also has a video, which you can view here. Here he is with a CCT Sarah!


This is Goldie, a cute one year old shorthair rabbit. She originally came to Wayside as a transfer when her previous shelter ran out of space for her. Not to worry though, she is thriving here! We first saw Goldie on the other shelter’s website, and thought she was adorable! When she got here and settled in, we noticed she was very expressive! Goldie has been here 58 days now.

After monitoring her for regular eating, drinking, and bathroom habits, she started to come out of her shell more. We monitor bunnies for this because of how easily they can get stressed out. Goldie was pretty much normal, other than her excessive shedding and nippy behavior. That is a sign of stress and discomfort, which is not uncommon. Our rabbits get to free roam, and she was happiest when doing so. She did not seem to enjoy other rabbits in the room with her.

Our Feline Care Manager(who also manages the Small Mammals) told me she likes to “lunge” at people. Rabbits can run pretty fast, so at first it looks scary. She said as long as you stand still, Goldie will sniff you and move around and forget about it. She enjoys fruit, particularly melon! She likes vegetables okay, but definitely prefers melon. She also will go back in her kennel for fruit only, so she truly prefers it.

It may sound like she is a handful, but she is thriving now! Because of her stressed out behavior, Goldie was foster requested. Her foster mom says she is doing great! No biting or nipping, no lunging, and no paper shredding. She is acting like a happy rabbit in a home. We understood that it was the shelter environment getting to her, and not diva tendencies!

Goldie truly needs an owner that has had rabbits before, as she is still finicky. She will always have her little quirks, and probably would do best in a home without small children. Being the only pet would be ideal for her! Her foster mom thinks she is a sweetheart, and our Feline Care Team expressed the same opinions! Goldie would like to explain to you how great she is!

“Hello there and nice to meet you, I’m Goldie the chubby bunny and I just recently turned 1 year old! I’m named not only for my golden color, but also my shining personality which catches the eye of many adopters as they walk pass. I’ve been in shelters for most of my young life and I’m ready to jump right into my furever home with someone who will give me lots of love and playtime. I would love it if you would come visit me soon!”

If you want to meet Goldie, you would call our Adoptions counter at 816-986-4426 as she is staying in a foster home. If you want to meet Vega, and all of our other adoptable pets, you can visit us during our adoption hours.

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Written by Teryn J.