We like to highlight departments in our shelter, as there are so many people that are working “behind the scenes” to make Wayside Waifs what it is today. Previously, we showcased our Admissions Department, and this time, we would like to showcase our Vet Clinic. They are certainly the backbone of our organization, as they oversee the care of each individual animal. We wouldn’t have the reputation we have if it wasn’t for them! *Warning: You may see some pictures of animals in surgery, but we promise nothing is being shown other than the animal. Just a warning before anyone scrolls down and is faint-hearted.*

Ashley is one of our Veterinary Care Technicians. She is pictured organizing the surgery schedule and getting everyone’s vaccines ready, if needed. The day starts with surgery, and sometimes, we have up to thirty or forty animals being altered or getting dentals done a day. We can have up to five-hundred animals at one time, so it is important to get as many surgeries done as possible. When asked what her favorite thing about her job was, Ashley mentioned fostering animals. “I see them when they first come in, so I know if I’m able to help. With my job, I have the opportunity to help an animal thrive, and I can see them all day!” Thanks for your dedication Ashley!

Another significant part of a Veterinary Care Technician’s job is prepping the animals for surgery. This puppy has been giving anesthesia and our vets need to see where to do the incision. The vet techs will shave a spot so they can accurately alter the animal quickly, accurately, and safely. Here is Traci, our Veterinary Clinic Manager, prepping a puppy! Traci took on the role of manager last year, and says her favorite part is the organized chaos of it all. “I like organizing and running the clinic, as it can be hectic, but it helps when making sure every animal is watched over and cared for.” Thanks for helping the cause Traci!

After everyone is ready, the actual surgery takes place. This is Dr. Lutton, our newest veterinarian. The vet clinic graciously covered up the surgeries for pictures to be taken, but this is our surgery suite. We have four tables for dogs to be taken in and altered, or any other surgery needed. It allows the doctors a quiet and organized space to accurately perform these surgeries. When asked, Dr. Lutton mentioned the success stories. “I really enjoy seeing them find homes. I enjoy seeing an animal I have personally worked with go on to have a happy life.” Thanks for all that you do Dr. Lutton!

Next comes another important component for surgeries. Monitoring and making sure they wake up is essential, as with humans, because there is a risk with anesthesia. Our vet techs and vets will stay with our animals and help them wake up, and make sure nothing is wrong. Cassie is pictured with a puppy, and she is another Veterinary Care Technician. She mentioned she enjoys working with those tough cases the most. “Those animals that would otherwise be failure-to-thrive, I enjoy working with them because if it wasn’t for us, they probably wouldn’t make it. Seeing them go from the bottom to a healthy, happy animal, is so rewarding.” Thanks for all that you do Cassie!

After their morning surgeries, Animal Care Technicians take all of the animals and put them back in their designated kennel. Caitlin is pictured above carrying a puppy back, who is a little unsure of our camera! It is their responsibility to watch the animal recover, and take them out for potty breaks. They also clean both sides of the clinic everyday, to make sure everything is sanitary for our animals. When asked, Caitlin said she enjoys the uncertainty of her job. “It’s different everyday, so I never expect the same thing, and I meet a lot of our animals!” Thanks Caitlin!

Another aspect of their job is to administer medication to our sick animals. From upper respiratory infection to skin conditions, our vet clinic is responsible for administering and providing our animals with medication. Pictured above is Jess, another Veterinary Care Technician, preparing med cards and printing labels for the bottles. Likewise, she said her favorite thing about working here is seeing the profession of an animal. “I like seeing the medication work, even after a few days. Seeing them feeling bad one day, and then seeing them excited and happy a few days later shows that we really are making them feel better.” Big thanks to Jess!

But what would a vet clinic be without medical exams? These two fabulous ladies are Dr. Scott, our Vice President of Veterinary Services, and her cat Sydney (I hope I spelled that correctly!) She brought her cat in for a simple nail trim, but she and the other vets look over every animal that comes in our doors. Anything from drawing blood and giving vaccinations, to checking if they need any type of surgery and if they need a special diet. Dr. Scott is in charge of our vet clinic, and we appreciate her and her dedication to our Waifs! Thank you Dr. Scott!

Last, and certainly not least, is Dr. Spangler, pictured above. He performed an eye removal on Spinach earlier today, and he actually rescued him from the streets this morning! He is our other veterinarian, and makes the clinic a very fun place to work. When we asked what his favorite part of his job is, he mentioned his favorite task. “I like performing surgeries, but more than anything, I like using my medical abilities to help animals in need, and to help them find their homes.” Thanks for all that you do Dr. Spangler!

Not pictured is Sarah, another Veterinary Care Technician. She works certain days, but we appreciate her nonetheless! Our vet clinic is pretty fantastic, and we have saved many animals because of the people pictured above. Without them, we wouldn’t be the Wayside Waifs we are today.

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Written by Teryn J.