Let’s meet our Waifs of the Week; Perdita, Kasey, and Mickey!

Meet Perdita, a beautiful three year old Terrier mix. She is forty pounds of pure love! She is very excitable and friendly, but she may come on a little strong! She is just ready to meet all the people. We should also mention she has a very active tail-meaning she is excited and loves to show her enthusiasm. She originally came to Wayside as a stray, so she is eager to learn what it is like to be in a home. Perdita will do best in a home that has children over the age of five, and that has no other canine companions. She is ready to learn basic obedience with you, and is a smart girl! She can be a little anxious in new environments based on her past, so having a calm home at first will be a huge benefit. She loves to be a cuddle bug! She will even lean on you and sit by you, just to be close! If you think you would be a great match, please come see her today.

You can learn more about her here.

Meet Kasey, a handsome three year old Domestic Shorthair. Kasey originally came to Wayside as a stray, and is now living the good life at our shelter. He’s friendly, affectionate, and gives great headbutts. Sometimes he wants to give you a pet instead! When he had his Felineality assessment, they told him he was a Personal Assistant. That means he is relatively brave in new situations, and is ready to be your new sidekick and informant. Whether you are doing chores, cheering for the Chiefs or just chillaxing, he will be right by your side, ready to lend a striped paw. Are you in?

You can learn more about him here.

Here’s Mickey, a dashing two year old Chinese Star-Pei mix! He is a handsome guy with a very cute pout. Well, that’s what the people here say at least. He was originally brought to Wayside after his last shelter ran out of space for him. That is okay though, because he is enjoying his time with us, and vice versa! Mickey is ready to find that paw-fect family for his needs. Think that might be you? He is really friendly, and asks that you bring the whole family to meet him, dogs included. He wants to make sure you all are a perfect match. Something he is really good at is learning new things. He already knows the commands sit, come, and shake! He is treat motivated, so present a yummy treat and he is ready to learn. Some of his other favorite activities include romping around a yard and taking long walks. His ideal end to a day is sitting with you and watching television shows. He is a paw-some dog who is so ready to give you all of his love. Come by soon to see if he is the right fit for your family!

You can learn more about him here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

You can meet all of our adoptable pets during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn J.