November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! We’re celebrating all month long here at Wayside Waifs by promoting and loving on the senior animals in our care, but nothing beats a home with a family.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should stop by the shelter today to adopt a senior pet:

1. Older Pets Need Homes:

Many older pets have previously been in homes and were once loved by someone. Because of this, they can have a hard time in shelters. Senior pets make loyal and loving companions.

2. No Surprises:

When you adopt a senior pet, what you see is what you get. Shelters are good at making sure adopters are aware of any behavioral or medical issues that a pet may have.

3. Old Pets Are Calmer:

Looking for a couch potato, or a buddy to watch Netflix with? Older pets can know some basic commands and tend to be calmer than younger animals. Older pets are often well behaved and calm and do well in most households. These older pets don’t need as much play time as younger animals would.

4. Senior Pets are Less Destructive:

It’s no secret that puppies and kitties can turn your house upside down, but senior pets are less likely to be destructive. Many senior pets are less energetic, and are calmer, so they are more trust worthy with your belongings.

5. Older Pets are Usually Housebroken:

Pets are amazing. But nobody likes cleaning up after puppy spills. Nobody. That’s why adopting a senior pet can be such an amazing experience! Not only are these animals well behaved, but they’re usually housebroken too, which means you don’t have to put the effort into training them and cleaning up after them. However new environments can be scary for some pets so remember to allow for a transitional period when going from the shelter into a home.

6. Senior Pets Still Have Lots of Love to Give:

Senior Pets may be a bit older, and come with more experience than younger pets do, but they still have tons of life in them and lots of love to give! Many older pets still enjoy playing and cuddling, and they need a home and a family to do all of that with!

7. Senior Pets Stay in Shelters Longer:

All the young kittens and puppies are always the first to go home from a shelter. It’s often the older pets that stay at shelters for hundreds of days, and while shelter staff and volunteers love the animals, and make sure they’re all well taken care of, it is in a home where pets truly belong.

8. Older Pets Make Instant Companions:

While any animal needs some time to adjust to a new environment, younger pets usually require a lot of training and possibly behavioral work. This is usually not the case with older pets who have spent time in homes before and are ready for their new families.

9. Senior Pets Make Great Companions for Older Folks:

Older pets make purr-fect companions for quieter or smaller households that older folks may have. Older pets are also more relaxing and require less behavioral work than younger animals do.

10. Be a Hero to a Pet in Need:

By adopting a senior pet, you. can guarantee that this pet will live out their golden days happy and healthily. They won’t have to spend any more time in a shelter, wondering what their future has in store, and instead they get to spend their forever with you! It doesn’t get better than that.

We have several older pets at Wayside Waifs right now that would love to become a part of your family!