Happy Holidays everyone! We like to highlight departments in our shelter, as there are so many people that are working “behind the scenes” to make Wayside Waifs what it is today. Previously, we showcased our Canine Care Technicians, and this time, we would like to showcase our Admissions Department. They do such a wonderful job in overseeing the care of our animals when they first come in, and work directly with the public, local animal controls, and shelters to get as many animals in a safe environment, and well on their way to a forever home.

Pictured above is the Admissions Manager Elizabeth, who has worked at Wayside Waifs for seven+ years. She oversees how the majority of our animals get brought to our campus. As some might know, we receive animals from places like Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and sometimes New York! We will do anything we can to help others out, and we also partner with local shelters like Great Plains SPCA, Kansas City Pet Project, and Spay and Neuter Kansas City. She manages the three person team, and is a good reason as to why we have so many resources involved in rescuing any animal we can!

Pictured above is the recent transfer of a few dogs from Kansas City Pet Project. When animals first get to Wayside, they get a brief physical examination, a behavior exam, updated or first vaccines depending on their history, a name if they need one, a microchip scan, and then a kennel or run. The transferred animals and owner surrenders will usually have names, but we will name stray animals ourselves. They get a few days to get assimilated to shelter life, and then staff and volunteers begin working with them, whether it be socialization or TLC.

Admissions’ first priority is to make sure the animal is safe, wherever it may end up. They strive to help people and animals alike, as much as Wayside can. Elizabeth mentions this as part of her favorite thing about working in this department. “People are extremely grateful that we can help. As a limited admissions facility, we are unable to accept every animal that comes through those doors, but we do as much as we can, to be a no-kill shelter. It is rewarding knowing I have made decisions to save many animals over the years, because every little bit helps.”

Pictured above is Ashley, who has worked at Wayside a little over six months. She has previous experience in other shelters, and truly enjoys working with animals! She is an Admissions Counselor, who works directly with Elizabeth and the public to save as many animals as we can. When asked what her favorite part of working in this department was, she knew the answer immediately. “I enjoy seeing the entire journey of the animal. When they come in malnourished or scared, and then one or two months late, I see them happy and healthy, and getting adopted. It is rewarding to be part of a compassionate team when we all have the same mission.”

Pictured in the cover photo, and above, is Brad, who is the newest Admissions Counselor/Behavior Team Member. He has been with us for a few months now, and his position is unique. He works with Elizabeth in picking animals to transfer in, and assist with said transfers. He also assists with the behavior team in assessing the dogs over six months of age that come through our facility. We do behavior tests to see a dog’s temperament, and see if they need any training or extra love while in our care. When asked, Brad mentions how his position is beneficial in Admissions as well. “I have the benefit of bringing animals in to start their journey, and then work with the dogs firsthand to continue their journey. I get to meet every dog, and see their personality shine after a week or a month. It makes my work in Admissions all the more rewarding, because I can bring animals in knowing what lengths we go to.”

Without our Admissions team, our shelter would not be like it is today. We are limited admissions because of our no-kill status, and we are proud to be that! We only take in what our building can hold, even if we want to accept more. It is not an easy job to tell people no, but Elizabeth, Ashley, and Brad are those decision-makers for us, and we could not appreciate them more! Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Holidays everyone! Consider visiting us during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn J.