We like to highlight departments in our shelter, as there are so many people that are working “behind the scenes” to make Wayside Waifs what it is today. Previously, we showcased our Behavior Team, and this time, we would like to showcase our Adoptions Team. They are the team that ensures our animals not only get adopted, but they screen adopters and provide tips to make sure the animal thrives in their home! Thank you for all that you guys do!

This is Cindy, and she has a two-part job description here at Wayside. She works reception primarily, and a few days in adoption. Our Customer Experience Manager Whitney is in charge of both Adoptions and Reception, so we figure we would feature both! Cindy provides a wonderful work ethic to both aspects of the shelter, and she is always ready to put our visitors/customers first. Reception is the first thing visitors see when coming to Wayside, and if they have any questions, they ask Cindy first! When asked, she mentioned she loves the full circle aspect of working the front desk. “When people first come in to adopt, they are so excited. Then when they opt for the adopter photo, they sit in front of me with their new pet. That’s so exciting for me, because it’s such a good feeling.” Thanks for all that you do Cindy!

Once you pass Reception, you see this open area full of desks. That is where our Adoption Center is, and where our Adoption Counselors are! Pictured above is Lizzie, one of our counselors. She was assisting an adopter, but this is where they complete all the paperwork to adopt. Our counselors, with the help of volunteers, greet customers, set up meet and greets, finalize any details, and take adopter photos. These people are the backbone of the organization, just because we are mainly an adoption campus. While it can get pretty busy, this team always get their job done with a smile on their face, and the customers notice! We asked Lizzie what her favorite part was, and she said it was the meet and greet aspect. “I love introducing our Wayside animals to potential adopters, because it’s like playing matchmaker.” Thanks Lizzie, you rock!

This is Sam, and she is one of our newest Adoption Counselors. Another really cool part of our campus is our retail store, Whiskers and Wags, just past adoptions. We have a Retail Store Coordinator Pam, but when she’s not in, our counselors will assist customers. We sell anything from collars, leashes, toys, and more! Please feel free to watch our video here. What is really nice about our store is the fact that the money goes right back to homeless pets. It has competitive pricing against any pet store in the area! Sam enjoys working with her team as well, but really enjoys the hands-on part of her job, such as dog introductions, meet and greets, and helping pets find their forever home. We thank you for your service Sam!

Pictured above is Candy, a Volunteer Adoptions Counselor. We only say volunteer because Candy has dedicated years of her time to help our adoptions team. She’s technically not an employee, but she may as well be, because she is here all the time. Here she is going over a list of dogs with our Canine Behavior Manager Jess, while getting added commentary from Monk the dog. Candy has been through many adoptions teams while being at Wayside, but she mentions this one being her favorite. “This team is ready to help each other out with no questions asked-they truly make it wonderful to be here everyday.” We love you Candy!

We caught another Adoption Counselor Tara reorganizing our feature board. It used to be a Waif Watcher board, where staff and volunteers could pick a Waif and tell everyone about them. We want to feature more animals though, so they reconstructed the board to be more inclusive. Tara has quickly become one of our veteran counselors, and she also fosters some of our shy and fearful dogs when she can. She loves working with adopters and her team to make sure an animal goes to a wonderful forever home. Thanks Tara!

Not pictured is Whitney, Pam, Megan, Daniel, and Lori, who are still equally appreciated and valued! Feel free to visit our adoptions team during our adoption hours!

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Written by Teryn J.