Summer is sizzling and that means more indoor time for our furry friends. As we kick off our summer DIY series, we’re teaching you how to repurpose your old t-shirts into rope toys perfect for any pup on a hot or rainy day!

All you’ll need is two old t-shirts and a pair of scissors. If you have a few more old t-shirts that need a new purpose, use them to make a super colorful rope toy!

Cut slits about an inch wide at the base of each t-shirt. Tear along each slit with two hands to the top of the t-shirt, then cut to make a strip.

Gather the strips and tie off one end, leaving about 2″ as fringe.

Divide the strips into thirds and braid them together. When you’ve braided most of the strips, tie off the opposite end, leaving about 2″ unbraided.

Toss it to your pup and watch them have a grand ol’ time!

For dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, bonus points if you pick t-shirts that smell like you! Feel free to get creative with fabrics, textures, colors, and sizes to make your dog a perfectly personalized rope toy (or two!).

Happy crafting!

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Written by Annie B.