The Canine Behavior Center, the second of its kind in the nation, exclusively serves shy, fearful as well as high-energy/arousal dogs to transform behaviors that could prevent them from being successful in a home environment. Using positive reinforcement (treats of varying levels of desirability) our team works with an average of 20 dogs 3 times a day to help modify their behaviors. These dogs reside in the Canine Behavior Center, away from the stress of the main shelter so they can focus on their training in a structured and calm environment.

Using small high value treats, those that are more desirable and not given regularly – like soft chewy treats, pieces of hot dogs, canned chicken (see our Wish List for more) help the dog to focus on the task and learn the desired action. From learning to not be jumpy, learning life skills, or just learning to trust people – our trained team of Behavior Trainers go through a large quantity of treats a week and we never have a shortage of dogs in need!

Kane loves learning new tricks!

Your donations of treats are so important to help these dogs in their journey to a former home. They have come to Wayside because this is where they are able to learn new behaviors and get the second chance they deserve and find a forever family. You can help them in their training by donating treats from our Amazon Wish List, or holding a donation drive with your coworkers, friends, family, or neighbors. On behalf of the animals – thank you for giving them a second chance.