For those of you who are not quite sure what a long-term resident is, it is an animal who has been in our shelter for 30 days or longer patiently waiting to meet their forever families. We are glad to say that our last edition of long-term residents, Charlie and Ryland, are incredibly happy in their new homes! This month, we have quite a few animals who have well surpassed the 30 day mark and are still dreaming of their future families to come sweep them off of their feet. It is our mission to find all of these amazing animals a place they can finally call home next to the people they love.

Our long-term residents this week are Budrow, Noelle, Cora, Mattie, and the bonded pair of rabbits, Spike and Spot!


Meet this handsome fellow named Budrow. He is almost 2-years-old and has the goofiest personality once he warms up to you! He is a fun dog who loves to play, but more importantly, he is ready to give you all of his unconditional love! He cannot wait to finally meet his forever family!

Learn more about Budrow here.


Meet this beautiful baby named Noelle. She is 10-years-old but still has plenty of life to live and love to give! This playful girl absolutely loves to be outside and explore all that life has to offer her. She is ready to find that special someone(s) to cuddle up next to when she’s done playing and give them the sweetest kisses!

Learn more about Noelle here.


Meet this green-eyed beauty named Cora. She is a 1-year-old independent cuddle bug once she gets comfortable and likes to be the one to initiate affection. If she’s not on your lap, she will be either right by your side, looking out the window, or partying with all of her favorite toys! This social kitty is ready to find her permanent home!

Learn more about Cora here.


Meet this confident cutie named Mattie. She is almost 5 years old and full of adventure and spunk! She loves to play and be the leader of the band, but is still the best at giving and receiving affection! She is more than ready to find her purrfect match.

Learn more about Mattie here.



Meet this bonded pair of spunky bunnies: Spike and Spot! This adorable pair of rabbits needs to be adopted together, so if you are looking for double the fun and double the cuddles, these are your guys! They are ready to hop into their family’s life and stay there!

Learn more about Spike and Spot on our website.


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Cierra H.