A long-term resident at Wayside is an animal who has been in our care for more than 30 days and hasn’t quite met their forever family yet. Some animals have well surpassed the 30 day mark and are ready to blossom in their new home next to the people they love. We like to shine the spotlight on some animals who we know will make their families very happy someday.

Our two long-term resident dogs this month are the one… The only… Budrow and Noelle!


Budrow has been a part of our Wayside family for 204 days in counting. He is almost 2 years old with a lifetime of love ahead of hime! He is a goofy, loving, energetic boy ready to bring loads of happiness to the lives of his forever family!

When he first came to us in May, he was significantly fearful of people. He is still working on warming up to people with proper introductions, but we have seen a great change in him since he first arrived. He absolutely adores his Waif Watcher Candy and loves going on field trips with her outside of the shelter.

Budrow has a lot of energy and is very playful! He is quite the character when he is prancing around and playing with his toys. When he is playing, sometimes he gets too excited and you might have to redirect his behavior to a calmer state. He makes sure to always put a smile on our staff and volunteers’ faces everyday with his silly, funny antics!

Since he can still be leery of strangers, it is important that his adopter give him some time to warm up to them and his new house. It is because of this and his high energy level that for now, it is not ideal for him to go home with any children under 5 or other dogs. Adopters are encouraged to continue slowly socializing Budrow with humans and dogs so he can overcome his fears.

He is a great dog with a lot of potential, and we know his forever family will be coming his way soon, hopefully before the holidays! If you or anyone you think you could be a perfect match for Budrow, or his story has touched your heart in any way, please do not hesitate to come meet him! He would love that very much.

Learn more about Budrow by watching his video!

“If you are looking for a fun and goofy dog who will give you unconditional love, please come visit me at Wayside Waifs!” -Budrow



Noelle has been a part of our family for 152 days in counting. She is 10 and a half years young and capable of so much more love to give. She is full of adventure and play, loves to go on walks and is a friendly, relaxed girl.

She arrived at Wayside in late June, and she was anxious of her new surroundings. She was very friendly with people, but you could tell she has gone through a lot in her lifetime. She never let any of that get her down and always has a smile on her face!

Social. Affectionate. Frisky. Cuddly. These are all wonderful qualities her foster mom had to say about Noelle. She gets to go visit news or radio stations with our staff because she is such a happy, sweet girl. Everyone loves her!

She is still working on mastering potty training, but that is something every dog learns with time and consistency. She may get stiff here and there with her arthritis, but that doesn’t stop her from being the playful, fun girl she is at heart! She prefers to be the only dog in the house because she just won’t be able to get enough of her human!

Please help us in finding her forever home, whether that be with you or someone you know. She is more than ready to find her forever family! When you visit her at Wayside, be prepared to fall in love.

Learn more about Noelle through watching her video!

“It doesn’t take much to make me happy. All I want in life is to be your dog.” -Noelle


You can meet Budrow, Noelle and all other adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Cierra H.