It is time to shine the spotlight on some of our best cats this week! A long-term resident is an animal who has been in our care for more than 30 days or longer and has not crossed paths with their purr-fect match(s) quite yet! Our long-term residents are Mattie, Strider and a bonded pair of kittens, Peach and Orange!


Presenting to you the one and only Mattie! She is a beautiful girl who is almost 5 years old who is currently in our foster program living the best life. She loves it there, but no doubt she is ready to settle down in a permanent home with her forever family!

Mattie has been a part of the Wayside family for 160 days, and we have watched her come so far in the amount of time she has been with us. When she first came to us, she was a little unsure of people. She only allowed short interactions – a quick belly rub or lap visit here and there – and would let our staff know when she had had enough with a hiss or swat. She did not like being forced into affection, which is why it took some time for her to come around.

Now, over five months later, she is doing better than we could ever imagine in her foster home! She is the best lap kitty throughout the day and the best cuddle buddy at night! She cannot get enough of playing, especially with her favorite jingly balls or a wand toy.

Overall, Mattie is an incredibly friendly, affectionate gal who is not asking much of an adopter. She is great company and will always be there for you when you need her the most. She cannot wait to go home with the people she will love with all her heart!


Next on our list is the handsome Strider! This boy is 5 years old and ready for the many remarkable years to come with his new family! He is currently in a foster home as well, learning everyday how to be the best cat he can be. He has been with us for 116 days, and he has made big strides over the past three to four months.

When he first came to Wayside, the new shelter environment loaded him with tons of stress. He was unsure of what to do or how to act, and it took many visits with him to earn his trust. He would get very upset when he did not want the company of people or when they were moving too fast with him. With the immense care that our team had for Strider, we were able to slowly build up that trust to a point where he would allow us to pet him.

He has been in his foster home going on three months now and has made a complete 180 degree turn! It took him quite some time to get comfortable, but now, he is a super affectionate boy who greets his foster mom with hourly lap visits and cuddles. He sure puts you under a love spell with his purr when he does. When he is not in your face asking for attention, he is playing his heart out!

It is time for him to find his forever home! He will need a patient adopter who will let him get comfortable in his new home with his new family, but trust us, it will be well worth the wait.


Are you looking for double the cuteness and fun? Look no further! Peach and Orange are a special bonded pair waiting for the right one(s) to come along and take them home. This adorable duo are best friends and need to be adopted together.

Peach is a 4-month-old kitten who is starting to break out of his shell big time! He came to us 63 days ago as a very timid kitty in a scary, giant new place. He spent some time in a foster home where he was starting to learn what being a kitten is all about! At first, he spent a lot of time hiding under the bed, but now he is getting braver by the day! He loves to play with his laser toy and catch mice. He will need an adopter who will give him time to see his spunky and affectionate side, but he will be sure to come around in no time.

His best friend, Orange, has been with us for about the same length of time, 60 days. She is the more outgoing and playful of the two! She really helps bring out this side in Peach, and the two are bound for greatness together!


You can visit all of our adoptable Waifs during our adoption hours!

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Written by Cierra H.