It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and we try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Jenny and Simone, and we have good news to share! Both Jenny and Simone found their forever homes! This month, we are going to feature Edna and Jammers.

Edna is this gorgeous girl who has been with us for 295 days. She came to us from another shelter back in July of 2017, and has been with us since. She came into Wayside Waifs very shy and fearful, and was immediately put into our Canine Isolation unit for her eyes. She was put on ointment that reduced her infection, and eventually was released into our regular holding area. There, she was behaviorally tested, but we quickly noticed she was not pleased to be here.

Our behavior team put Edna on Confidence College, so she could get extra volunteer and staff interaction. She would not approach people and never solicit attention. The vet staff could not weigh her because she was too scared. We immediately put her for a foster request, because shelter life was hard on her. She went to her first foster home in September for a couple weeks. Each day, there were tiny achievements that would make her more comfortable around people. We learned she was partially house trained, she liked her crate, loves to be around people, and just needs time to warm up.

During her time in foster, we also noticed she resource guards from other dogs, so she does have a restriction with canines. She still is very timid and nervous, so she can’t go to a home with children under five, and we recommend a home with children over ten. She will do best with an experienced owner who will be patient while she learns how to live in a home. In October, she was sent on a slumber party, as a family was very interested in her. She did not thrive as well as she did in the foster home, so she was ultimately sent back to Confidence College.

In November, we briefly put her on Trazadone for anxiety, and not too long after, she was put in her second and current foster home. We learned new things about her, including how she must go home with another playful dog, no kids whatsoever, and she needs a fenced-in yard and monitored outside, because she can be an escape artist. She is thriving wonderfully at her foster mom’s house, and is available from foster.

What has kept Edna in our care is a lieu of things. She is available from foster, so she is only seen on the website and social media. She is a black lab, which can sometimes be a preference choice. She is shy and fearful, and will likely be nervous in a new home at first. She also must go home with a dog, a fence, and supervision when outdoors, while not going home with children. She is not a first time dog for families, but a dog who needs a nurturing home that will give her what she needs. We’ll let Edna tell you about herself as well.

Hi, I am Edna!  I am a beautiful 38 pound, one year old girl.  I have a beautiful black coat and shimmery black eyes.

“I came to Wayside via a transfer from the ASPCA that rescued me from a hoarding situation.  Not a very nice life for a young pup.  When I got here, I was so scared – I wouldn’t let anyone get close – they couldn’t even weigh me!  Then my Foster Mom came along.  Being in a real home has changed my life!  I have come a long way with the help of my friends at Wayside and I am ready for my forever home. Let me tell you about myself – see if I might be just what you are looking for.  I am a very sweet girl that enjoys being with my family. Please give me time to adjust when we first get home – I might be scared – but, once I learn to trust and love you, I will want to stay close to you when you are home.  I love to stretch out on my back for a good belly rub and snuggle with you and will be happy just laying by your side.   If you’ve got room on the bed for me and invite me, count on me jumpin’ up and joining you at night! I spent so long being nervous and scared, I am just now starting to explore.  I am very curious about my environment and love to track down all sorts of smells and noises.  I am also starting to play with toys – I like Nylabones and hard rubber toys best – gives me something good to chew on.  I like to carry a toy around the house with me – then it’s always with me when I am ready to play! I need a home with a fenced yard, as I get a little spooked when I go on walks outside the home. I don’t mind putting my harness and leash on and starting out, but once I encounter something or someone I don’t know, I get anxious and want to go home.  I hope you will work with me on this.  I know I can get better, like I have with other things, it will just take time. I am partially housetrained and will go on the potty pad when Foster Mom is gone or at night.  I do well in a crate and am happy to stay in there if you are going to be gone for a while, but when you are home I like to be out and about.  At night, I sleep in Foster Mom’s room and enjoy being on the bed with her. In my foster home, there is another dog and I love playing with her, running in the back yard and romping in the house.  I can get overwhelmed when other dogs come over and then I will go to my safe place. I will do best if there is a confident dog in my new home that can help me continue to grow and learn what is acceptable. Usually, I am shy, but sometimes, I like to get spunky – I have a bounce in my step and just let loose and have fun!  I think that as we bond, those happy, fun days will become more and more frequent.  I am looking forward to it! I would love for you to come meet me, if you think I might be the girl for you!”

Learn more about Edna here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

This beautiful girl is Jammers, and she has been here for 119 days. She was owner surrendered in January for behavior reasons involving cats and children. Her previous owner was very helpful by giving us information about her attitude, behavior, and preferences. We put a no kids under seven years of age and no cats restriction on her. We also were able to behaviorally assess her, and found that she was a Leader of the Band, meaning she is super confident in new situations.

She was briefly put into our TABBY program so she could adjust to shelter life, but she quickly graduated. She can be a little sensitive to startling noises, but that can be expected. Her medical exam went well, and she was cleared for adoption. We learned from staff and volunteer interactions that she liked short petting sessions, and wanted to free roam. She then got upgraded to a no kids under ten restriction, as her play style can be intense.

In the meantime, Jammers had made several new friends making her a staff and volunteer favorite. She even participated in the Tournament of Tails, making it to the finals and winning second place! During that time, she received more visitors than usual, and got stressed out to the max. After an incident with a staff member, she was moved to holding and then inevitably sent to foster. She was in foster for about two or three weeks, and due to a family emergency, had to be sent back.

She is now back in a room, and adjusting to being back in the shelter. Things that are keeping her here could include her kid and cat restriction, and her ability to get agitated and react. She has a typical Tortie attitude. She prefers to make the first move, and then she will enjoy your company. She loves paper bags and ripple rugs, and hiding. She is looking for an understanding owner who will comply with her demands(uh, needs) and enjoy her company when she wants them to. Jammers would like to say a few things!

“Hello Friend! My full name is Jammers, but many staff and volunteers call me “Jam Jam”, “Jammy”, “Jam-boroni”, you get the idea. I’m a fun kitty looking for a family of my very own. I have beautiful honey eyes and a unique tortoiseshell colored coat. At only 6 years old, I have a lot of spunk in my step too! I originally came to Wayside as a kitten back in 2012. I was so scared and I felt so very alone. Wayside took me in and showered me with love, they made me feel like everything was going to be okay. They were right of course, because my dear family adopted me soon after. After living with my family for 5 years, they had to bring me back to Wayside. They had young children in the home that were much too rambunctious around me. I would occasionally tell them to stop being rambunctious the way that cats do, and it became a stressful situation for all involved. I don’t blame my family for bringing me back to Wayside, but I do miss them dearly. It’s hard not being with them anymore, but I’m learning to get back on my feet. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms at Wayside, and it’s been nice seeing all my old friends again. I thought, like last time, that I’d find my new family quickly. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. Maybe because I’m not a cute kitten anymore… but I feel like I’m still adorable as an adult too! The staff could tell I was becoming stressed waiting for my family, so they pulled a few strings and found a foster home for me. My foster mom said it was love at first sight. She swooped me up in her arms, and whispered those familiar words I heard nearly five years ago “Jammers, don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.” I sighed relief and trusted she was right as she drove me to my foster home. Being in my foster home has been so much fun! My foster mom gave me my very own room and plays with me every day. It has been an adjustment, being in a new home. I’m still figuring her out, and she’s still learning new things about me. One thing she thought was interesting about me, is that I immediately loved foster dad! I love sitting on his lap, purring the day away. Don’t get me wrong, I love her too, but me and foster dad… we just clicked. She says I’ll do best in a home that gives me my own room for a week. I may seem confident, but I can get overwhelmed pretty quickly, so I prefer having my own safe space. I also need a home without young kids. I can get swipy at times when I’m frustrated or nervous, so I’d really like someone that understands cat body language. I swish my tail when I’m upset, so just keep an eye out for my tail flicks. I’m just looking for someone who will love me for me. I’ve been bounced around a lot in my short life, so I’m ready to finally settle down. I really hope I get to meet you soon. My new person. I already love you, and I can’t wait to be with you forever. I envision our life together, simple and fun. I often daydream about all the things we’ll do together – chatting about your day, playing with wand toys, snuggling on your lap. It’s a wonderful dream… a dream that’s almost close enough to grasp. Call to meet me today; I’m waiting anxiously for you!”

Learn more about Jammers here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

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Written by Teryn J.