It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and we try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Edna and Jammers, and they are both still looking for their forever homes! This month, we are going to feature Ellery and Oreo.

“Purrleased to meet you! My name is Ellery and I’m a gorgeous two-year-old Maine Coon mix with fluffy, orange fur. You see, it’s not often that you find a female orange tabby. I’m extra special! I’m looking to find a family who is just as special as I am. I’m hoping to find a quiet home with an adopter who will groom me regularly. If I’m not brushed often, my regal orange fur can get a little out of control. I enjoy being brushed and it’ll be great time for you and I to bond. Around here they call me a Sidekick. That means I’m a confident kitty who’ll stick by your side no matter what life throws our way. I enjoy being pet after I’ve had a chance to sniff out a new situation. I have a great purr! I’d love to show you! Being at Wayside has been great and I’ve made a lot of new friends. I can’t help but dream of having my own home to relax in. I can’t wait to find a family who I can love forever and ever. If you’re looking for a sweet best friend, look no further. I can’t wait to show you how great I am.”

Learn more about Ellery here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

“Hi there, I’m Oreo!  I’m happy, smart, affectionate, and I like to stay busy.  I’m always game for a good time!  And I’m looking for a brand new family who wants to play and snuggle and hang out with me.  I hope that’s you!  I hope that maybe you’re looking for me now, just as I’m searching for you.  I can’t wait for our paths to cross. I’m a darling, 1 year old, 40 pound sweetheart of a dog with shiny fur and gentle brown eyes.  I’m already fully housebroken and crate trained too, although I’m so well behaved that a crate isn’t really necessary for me.  I came to Wayside as a stray, after I was found sad and alone by a nice couple who rescued me.  But I was so afraid at the shelter.  It was a confusing time for me and I panicked whenever anyone came near me with a leash or collar.  I’m so happy that there were people here who understood dogs like me and they never gave up on me.  I slowly started to trust and I made progress each day, until one day when my favorite volunteer became my foster mom.  That was the best day ever!  Now I’m busy learning all about life in a real home as part of a family…and I’ve never been happier! After such a rough start at the shelter, it’s pretty incredible how quickly I’ve adapted into a happy, affectionate dog who loves to have my belly rubbed.  From the start, Foster Mom let me go at my own pace and she gave me the time and patience I needed to feel safe and relaxed.  She is quick to praise me when I’m a good boy, so that I learn what’s expected of me as I continue to gain confidence.  I still feel nervous sometimes when I meet new people, but once we bond, I’m a wonderful companion.  Foster Mom has a dog door and I love the freedom of being able to decide when I want to go outside.  I’m fully housebroken and I don’t bother a thing in the house, even when no one is home.  I have a crate and sometimes I like to hang out there with the door open.  I’m very well behaved in both my home and fenced in yard.  I love car rides and toys, I don’t bark excessively, and I’m not a clingy sort of dog who needs to be with you all the time, although I will happily come to you when you call.  I’m just a really nice and compatible dog to have around. I’m young and active, so I will need daily exercise in my new home.  I love to go walking or jogging and I’ve been practicing my leash skills.  Sometimes I still feel a little anxious when getting leashed up, but with practice, I’ve become more comfortable each day.  A harness also works great for me during walks.  I’ve had two different foster homes.  One of them had other dogs that I loved to run and play with.  We mostly got along, although sometimes I felt possessive of my toys.  I am the only dog in my current foster home and I like that just fine too.  Since I can be fearful, especially at first, I will need a home without kids under the age of at least 10.  Why don’t you bring the whole family to meet me and we can make sure we’re all a good match for each other. Sometimes all you need in life is for someone to believe in you.  I never knew how that felt until now.  And because of what I’ve learned, I’m ready for you.  I hope you’re ready for me too and I hope you need a dog just like me in your life.”

Learn more about Oreo here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

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Written by Teryn J.