It’s that time again for a monthly segment of our long-term residents. A long-term resident is someone who has been here at least thirty days or longer, and we try to narrow it down to some who have been here even longer. Last month we featured Abby and Yuko, and both are still very anxious to find their families! This month, we are going to feature Jenny and Simone!

This is Jenny, and she has been at the shelter collectively over a year now. She originally came to Wayside Waifs in March of 2017 from a local shelter when they ran out of space. Aside from having an upper respiratory infection, she seemed like a happy, sweet girl. She has some quirks, including her looks, but she has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite. The one restriction Jenny has is no dogs, mainly because she has a very particular play style that most dogs aren’t into. Jenny actually got adopted between mid-June and mid-July of 2017, so her initial stay here was abrupt and without incident. It wasn’t until she was returned in November that her journey continued.

Her owner had fallen on hard times, and the best decision for all involved was to bring Jenny back to Wayside. From there we discovered that she was not going to be a good fit for other dogs, but that she was still the same sweet girl we got to know in the summer. She ended up getting a UTI, but quickly got re-adopted in February of 2018. She was returned a few days later because her adopter had no fence, and they have dogs that run in the yard. Some behavior notes include,”Jenny was friendly with people, outgoing, and active. She is food motivated and knows sit and shake. She will approach people in a friendly manner looking to play or for social contact. On leash she pulls hard when excited which may be constant.” She has been on one bite hold, but it was completely accidental, and she was jumping in the same vicinity as a volunteer’s hand.

Honestly, we anticipate the reason Jenny being here is mainly the dog restriction, her age, and her unique look. While we think she is beautiful, some may not appreciate her true inner and outer beauty, but we promise the friendship with her is amazing. So many volunteers and staff members love Jenny, and she has become quite the popular girl! She’s been featured on TV with our Communications Manager, so you’ll have a famous dog! We think Jenny can describe herself best, so please read her bio for a brief moment.


“Hi Folks! I’m Jenny! I’m a tenderhearted girl with so much to offer. I’m a 64-pound lab mix with a soft butterscotch-colored coat. I’ve had a bit of a ruff time. I originally came to Wayside from another shelter in Kansas City. I was adopted into what was supposed to be my furever home, but times got tough and they couldn’t keep me so I’m back here at Wayside. They’re taking great care of me here—I have so many staff and volunteers who love me—but I just want to be back home living with a wonderful family. Even though I’m seven years old, I’ve still got plenty of spunk. I relish a daily walk but have to admit I’d probably rather be on the sofa with you. Big bonus is that I’m FULLY HOUSETRAINED! When I lived at home my adopters let me roam the house and I never got into anything thing I wasn’t supposed to. I’m also super smart and easy to train because I’m so treat motivated. I already know look, sit, shake, down and roll over! Your friends will be so impressed! I’m friendly, affectionate and enjoy people. I lived with two young girls and we did great. I crave physical contact, kisses and belly rubs! Oh, how I long to snuggle on the couch with my head in your lap. I love my humans, but I’m looking for a home without other canine friends. I will be a loyal and devoted pet and am ready to give you years of love and adoration. Can I be your dog?



This girl is Simone, and she has been here 83 days. She first arrived at Wayside Waifs in January when her previous shelter ran out of space. When we evaluated her behaviorally, we discovered she was a Leader of the Band. That is a fun way of saying Simone is confident in who she is, and would likely transition well in a new home. She also LOVES to talk! We quickly learned that she likes things her way, and on her terms. She was briefly put on a bite hold after getting overstimulated from interacting with a volunteer. She is a smart girl who likes to let you know how she feels by talking to you and purring.

After her bite hold was released, we put a no kids under 12 restriction on her. We knew she liked things done her way, and we didn’t want anyone getting hurt by her accidentally. She briefly went to foster, and was not very nice to the foster’s dogs, so she also has a no dogs restriction. The main thing with Simone is that she doesn’t like to be cooped up, so her frustrations come out when she is being out back in her kennel. She has a lot of energy, so adequate playtime is a must in a home.  Once again, Simone was put on a bite hold because of being cooped up. She is feisty, but in the best ways possible!

Really the things that are keeping her here are mixed. She has had a few bite holds, which can add up on length of stay. She gets a little antsy when she is cooped up, so play is going to be more important and beneficial than lap and snuggle time. She has a really nice friend named Bolt at the shelter, and they balance each other out really well. She probably can go home to another cat, but it is extremely important that other cat can understand what Simone is about. She plays rough, and not all cats enjoy that. We hand out basic introduction information for cats, but having a cat that matches her style is extremely important for her. Simone has a way with words, so we’ll give the rest to her!

“Hi there! My name is Simone. What’s yours? As you can see from my photos, I’m a beautiful, shorthaired dark tortoiseshell girl with lots of rich, dark colors in my fur. They call us dark torties chocolate torties. It fits me, because I am very sweet. I also have stunning large, golden eyes. I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space, and I’m so happy to be here, where I just know I will find my forever person or people. I’m an affectionate cat who loves to play. What’s my favorite toy? All of them! I sure hope my new people will play with me! When I had my Felineality test here at Wayside, they told me I’m a Leader of the Band! That means I’m a confident cat who loves people very much. I’ll bet I would love you!

Love, Simone”

Learn more about Simone here.

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Written by Teryn J.