It may not feel like it yet, but springtime is well underway! We have passed Easter, and now we are moving on through April towards May. Soon it’ll be summer before you know it! With the change in season comes new things to watch out for in your furry friends. We figured we would put together a few items that can help you prepare for warmer weather, and unpredictable weather. 

1. Have updated ID and photos of all your pets.

This may sound like a broken record, but it can never hurt to remind everyone. Having proper identification and updated photos greatly increases their chances of coming home sooner, if that ever were to happen. At our store Whiskers & Wags, we sell a variety of collars and ID tags that you can purchase on campus.

2. Be cautious of open/screen windows.

Warmer weather means we want to open up our windows! Just be cautious of how well your animal can handle that, as cats more than anything love to press against them and potentially go through. Adding screens are the best safety feature, but be cautious anyways.

3. Buckle up!

Of course most pets will love a car ride, but warmer weather can include different insects and allergens as well. Be careful of letting them stick their head out the window, as they are at risk for injuries and infections if anything lands on them. Technically a seatbelt or any safety harness would be best to travel with.

4. Be careful of Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning is a time-honored tradition for many, but just keep your pets in mind when you leave out certain items. Any cleaning products can contain certain chemicals that are hazardous to pets. Just store them properly during use, and for storage.

5. Home Improvement 101.

Products such as paints, mineral spirits and solvents can be toxic to your pets and cause severe irritation or chemical burns. Carefully read all labels to see if the product is safe to use around your furry friends. Also, be cautious of physical hazards, including nails, staples, insulation, blades and power tools. It may be wise to confine your dog or cat to a designated pet-friendly room during home improvement projects.

6. Landscaping and Yard work beware!

Pet parents, take care—fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides keep our plants and lawns healthy and green, but their ingredients may be dangerous if your pet ingests them. Always store these products in out-of-the-way places and follow label instructions carefully.

7. Sneezing, Coughing, and red eyes, oh my!

Like us, pets can be allergic to foods, dust, plants and pollens. Allergic reactions in dogs and cats can cause itching, minor sniffling and sneezing, or life-threatening anaphylactic shock to insect bites and stings. If you suspect your pet has a springtime allergy, please visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

8. Bugs, bugs, bugs.

April showers bring May flowers—and an onslaught of bugs! Make sure your pet is on year-round heartworm preventive medication, as well as a flea and tick control program. Ask your doctor to recommend a plan designed specifically for your pet.

And that’s it! Hopefully this will be beneficial to you and your furry friends as we spring into spring!

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Written by Teryn J.