It’s time to meet our Waifs of the Week; Sandee, Snowball and Snowflake, and Talbot!

This happy girl is Sandee, a cute one-year-old Pug mix. She was originally brought to Wayside after her previous shelter ran out of space for her. That is just fine, because she is ready to find her forever home. Maybe it is with you! As you can probably tell, she is a very happy dog! She enjoys exercise, and really just being active. She probably likes running around and playing with you best! She is energetic and jumpy, so she would definitely benefit from Basic Obedience training. She is ready to learn, but she just needs a teacher! It is recommended that Sandee goes to a home without children under the age of five, just because she does not want to either scare or hurt them accidentally. One great thing about her is she is independent, but she also loves to cuddle! You get the best of both worlds. She has met dogs at Wayside, and she did play a little, but she still asks that you bring in your furry friends to meet her, just so we can make sure they can be buddies! She takes my food very seriously, so she just asks that she has a safe place to eat away from other animals and people. A girl just needs her privacy sometimes! Ask for Sandee, and you will not be disappointed!

You can learn more about her here.

Meet our bonded pair of bunnies, Snowball and Snowflake! They are nine months old, and two peas in a pod. They are a true bonded pair, so they absolutely must go home together. They are brothers who love each other too much to be separated. They were transferred here from a local shelter after they ran out of space for them, but not to worry! They are excited to be at Wayside Waifs to find their forever home. They are very social, and they enjoy just being with people. If you come into their room, they immediately want to say hello and interact with you! They eat all their veggies, and take them gently out of your hand. They love their free-roaming time, so they would love a space in your home they could have to explore in, at least a little bit during the day. They have been known to crawl into a lap, so be prepared for bunny snuggles! If you see them hanging out in the Small Mammals room at Wayside, please come visit them! They would love to meet you, and hopefully come home with you!

Learn more about them here. They also have a video, which you can view here.

Please welcome Talbot, a spunky little two-year-old Terrier mix. He was originally transferred to Wayside Waifs when they rescued him from a hoarding situation, but that is okay. He knows his forever home is waiting for him, and maybe that is with you! At first, he can be a little timid, but if you go slow with him, he will quickly warm up to you. He has met other dogs here, and they seem okay, but please bring in your furry friends so we can make sure you all work together well! He was adopted, but returned because his owner was allergic to him, but it was a positive experience! They provided wonderful notes about what he is like in a home. For example, he is crate trained and housebroken! They taught him fun commands like Sit, Stay, and even Kennel. He enjoyed learning those, and would be extremely happy if he could continue his training! He asks that you bring your whole family in to meet him, because we want to make sure you all are a perfect fit! He even got comfortable with learning how to walk on a leash!  Come out to Wayside and ask for Talbot, and you will not be disappointed.

Learn more about Talbot here.