Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Dixie, Andrea, and Hamilton!

Hi there! My name is Dixie. I am about three years old and as sweet as they come! I am a super playful, Shepherd/Boxer mix with big, beautiful eyes that truly sparkle! One is brown and the other is almost entirely bright blue. I recently was transferred to Wayside from another shelter that had run out of space, and from the first day of arriving here, everyone has told me that this is the place where I’ll find the fur-ever family I’ve been looking for. And let me tell you what a relief it is to hear such a thing because I can be quite shy and fearful in unfamiliar places so I really hope to find my fur-ever family soon! One of my favorite things to do is play with other dogs! I have lots of puppy energy and love to play bow to entice other dogs into romping around with me. Since I am still young, I haven’t really had the chance to learn how to properly behave (all I want to do is play!) so I do need some help on my doggy socialization skills. If you already have canine friends at home, that’s great! And it would be ideal if they are higher energy like me and willing to tolerate my style of play. Since I’m still a young girl, I will also most likely need basic obedience and house training. I may also need more time to adjust to my new home compared to other pups, but with patience, consistency, and a strict routine, I should be able to blossom into the well-behaved lady I know I can be. I do already know how to sit and I am very treat motivated and want nothing more than to please you so I just know that I can learn even more! And I hope that we will have lots of fun along the way! At the previous shelter, I was adopted for a small period of time. When my new family first took me home, they may not have realized how scared I initially was. I’m not sure why I was so frightened, but when they would let me roam free in their fenced in yard, out of fear, my instinct was to escape. After a few times of doing so, I guess it was more than they could handle and I was returned. Because of this, it’s probably a good idea that at my new home, I’m on a leash whenever I’m outdoors until I’m better acclimated to my new environment and able to roam free without supervision. I also want to learn how to come when I’m called so if I do find myself on the other side of the fence or wandering too far away, I’ll know to come right back to you when you tell me to! I can’t wait to find my fur-ever family, and once I do, the great folks here at Wayside recommend that I get ample time to adjust to my new home and surroundings. During this time, it’s best that I don’t meet a lot of new people or go on any field trips outside of the home. When the time is right and I am ready to meet new people, I’ll need low and slow, positive introduction to strangers. Also, due to my fearfulness, the staff feels it would be best if I went to a home without kids under 10 years of age. This isn’t to say that I can never be around young kids eventually; I just need to socialize and become more comfortable with adults first. To see for yourself how sweet I truly am, come on out to Wayside to meet me. Be sure to bring the whole family with you, including any four-legged friends to make sure that we all get along! My bags are packed and I’m oh so ready to go home with you and start our lives together!

Learn more about Dixie here.

Hello….My name is Andrea, and I’m a “secret admirer.” That’s what they call my personality type. It means I’m on the reserved side….taking my time to get to know new people and adjust to new surroundings. It’s hard to believe a beautiful, blue-eyed Siamese like me came to Wayside as a stray. But as a result, I’m dealing with a few trust issues. According to my foster person, though, I am progressing very well. Already I’ve become quite the playful girl….running and pouncing on my favorite mouse toy, and chasing my tail just for fun. I’m also a big talker. If you’ll talk back, we can have quite a conversation. I’m not a finicky eater at all, and boy do I love treats! Although I’m not a big fan of petting yet, as long as you’re giving me treats, I’ll cooperate. Without the treats, though, it’s on my terms. I’ll give you a little swat to let you know when I’ve reached my limit, which doesn’t take very long. I really like being around my foster person. I follow her from room to room and lie down near wherever she’s working. Sometimes I like to snooze in her lap while she watches TV….all relaxed-like without any petting. I also like to jump up on the bed or couch whenever she’s there. She just lets me lie there and be quite content without trying to pet me. We’ve come to a good understanding that way. I’m still pretty skittish when it comes to strangers. In fact, I’ll run and hide from them. Because of my fearfulness, the folks here say I’ll do best in a calm, quiet home with no children or teens. Oh and one more thing:  my initial testing for FIV was positive. If you’re a cat savvy person you’ll know that’s not a big deal. It just means I should have regular vet care and be fed a good diet. The staff here at Wayside believe I have the potential to become an affectionate and loyal family member; and my foster person will attest that I’m steadily moving in that direction. I’ll just need a forever home with plenty of love, patience and understanding. Oh, and treats! Hmmm…do you think that could be your home? If so, let’s get together and chat about it. Looking forward to meeting you….

Learn more about Andrea here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

Act my age???  Not gonna happen!  I’m Hamilton, a pure-bred American Bulldog. While I may be 8 years old, I’m still like a puppy.  I’m 69 pounds of energy and eagerness.  I came to Wayside when my owners had a change in circumstances and couldn’t keep me.  I was sad and confused, but I just know that the people here are going to help me find my new home.  Could it be yours? I’m a confident guy, with my adorable big head and soft black ears.  I sure enjoy attention and am motivated by treats and toys. I’m crate trained and know how to “sit.”  I hope you’ll give me some basic obedience training so I can learn more cool things.  With my amount of energy, I’m going to need people who will give me plenty of exercise.  If you have a yard, it should have a fence at least 6 feet tall…or better yet, I’d just love to go on walks with you.  I’ll do best with a harness, until I learn not to pull on my leash. Because of my size, I should go to a home with no small kids under the age of 5.  I could knock them down without even meaning to do it!  Also, I do not get along with cats.  I’m interested in dogs, but I need to work on my manners with them.  I can get pretty rough and not all dogs appreciate my enthusiasm!  It’d be wonderful if you bring all the members of your family when you come to meet me, just to make sure we all get along. I hope you’ll come soon and see me in person.  I’m so loveable that I have a feeling you’ll decide that we’re a perfect match.  Ask for Hamilton!

Learn more about Hamilton here.

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Written by Teryn J.