Happy Valentine’s Day, and welcome our Waifs of the Week! Maybe they’ll be your Valentine: Marie, Gunner, and Edna!

“Hi there, I’m Marie!  I’m an adorable dog with fur as soft as silk and an expressive face that’s sure to make you smile.  I am sweet and gentle and quiet.  I can’t wait to hang out with you on the couch and listen to you tell me about your day.  I will make a wonderful companion for you, if you’ll just invest some time up front with me.  You see, I’m timid and shy and strange things make me nervous.  So it will take me more time than most dogs to learn to trust you and relax with you.  I hope you think I’m worth it! I’m darling! I’m about 43 pounds and I think that’s the perfect size.  I was transferred to Wayside by a rescue group out of New Orleans.  The whole process of relocating felt sort of overwhelming to me though. And the shelter was big and noisy, yet I’ve never felt so alone.  I tried to make friends and fit in to my new life the best I could, but I was afraid to let people get too close to me.  I was even reluctant the day Foster Mom showed up.  But she whispered to me that everything would be ok and she made me feel safe.  She took me home and has been teaching me all about living as part of a real family.  I had no idea. Everything is new and strange and still scary to me, although I’m definitely making progress.  Foster Mom has enjoyed watching me come out of my shell, little by little, day by day.  I’ve been working on housebreaking and getting used to household noises and learning to enjoy getting petted.  Nothing happens overnight for me though, so I will need you to stay patient and calm with me.  Foster Mom praises me whenever I’m a good girl, so that I learn what she expects from me as my confidence builds.  I spent the first few days in my foster home under the dining room table, but now I like to lounge on the couch, even when no one is home and at night.  I feel safe there, so it’s my go to spot, although I’m still getting used to the noises of the TV.  I haven’t explored the rest of the house much at all.  I don’t bark or jump on people.  When we have visitors, I run and hide.  I love to go for walks and I do very well with my harness lead, but I get nervous when I meet new people along the way.  I’d love a daily walk with a quiet and predictable route through the neighborhood where I know what to expect. I can climb and jump fences, even really tall ones.  So at this point, I can’t be outside without my leash.  I’m ok with that though and I understand.  One time, I bolted out the front door when someone had it open, so now Foster Mom watches me very closely to keep me safe indoors.  This will be very important in my new home, because my fears would likely make me run if I got loose in my new home.  I live with a Yorkie in my foster home and we do just fine together.  We don’t play much, but we enjoy each other’s company and like to hang out together.  I’d love another dog in my new home that could teach me and show me the way.  But kids make me nervous, so I will need a home without kids under the age of at least 10.  I’m looking for a calm and quiet home without much commotion, so kids aren’t part of my plan anyway.  I will need to meet the whole family, including other dogs and all the kids, before we go home together. I want to be your couch buddy and just quietly hang out with you.  And I want to feel safe and know that you’re there for me, but that you will also give me space and let me be me.  I hope you’re looking for a sweet and gentle soul like me to share your life with.  I hope you need me as much as I need you.”

Learn more about Marie here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

“Hello world! I’m Gunner, the handsome, 8 year old, gray kitty who’s looking for my furever home! About a month ago, Animal Control found me as a stray and brought me to Wayside. Since arriving, I have become more comfortable and found many new person friends who love me very much. They like to “ooo” and “ahhh” about my sleek gray coat and handsome eyes. In return, I allow them to talk and tell me about their days while I give them my input. Actually, I’m quite the talker and can hold up lengthy intellectual discussions over just about anything. They call me a Personal Assistant around here because I just love to socialize and be around people. Are you working on your laptop? Let me lend a paw! Tapping at your phone? I wanna join! What I’m really trying to say here is that I’d make a great, loyal companion. I love visitors and would love to have you swing by! Hope to see you soon!”

Learn more about Gunner here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

“Hi, I am Edna!  I am a beautiful 38 pound, one year old girl.  I have a beautiful black coat and shimmery black eyes. I came to Wayside via a transfer from the ASPCA that rescued me from a hoarding situation.  Not a very nice life for a young pup.  When I got here, I was so scared – I wouldn’t let anyone get close – they couldn’t even weigh me!  Then my Foster Mom came along.  Being in a real home has changed my life!  I have come a long way with the help of my friends at Wayside and I am ready for my forever home.  Let me tell you about myself – see if I might be just what you are looking for.  I am a very sweet girl that enjoys being with my family. Please give me time to adjust when we first get home – I might be scared – but, once I learn to trust and love you, I will want to stay close to you when you are home.  I love to stretch out on my back for a good belly rub and snuggle with you and will be happy just laying by your side.   If you’ve got room on the bed for me and invite me, count on me jumpin’ up and joining you at night! I spent so long being nervous and scared, I am just now starting to explore.  I am very curious about my environment and love to track down all sorts of smells and noises.  I am also starting to play with toys – I like Nylabones and hard rubber toys best – gives me something good to chew on.  I like to carry a toy around the house with me – then it’s always with me when I am ready to play! I need a home with a fenced yard, as I get a little spooked when I go on walks outside the home. I don’t mind putting my harness and leash on and starting out, but once I encounter something or someone I don’t know, I get anxious and want to go home.  I hope you will work with me on this.  I know I can get better, like I have with other things, it will just take time. I am partially housetrained and will go on the potty pad when Foster Mom is gone or at night.  I do well in a crate and am happy to stay in there if you are going to be gone for a while, but when you are home I like to be out and about.  At night, I sleep in Foster Mom’s room and enjoy being on the bed with her. In my foster home, there is another dog and I love playing with her, running in the back yard and romping in the house.  I can get overwhelmed when other dogs come over and then I will go to my safe place. I will do best if there is a confident dog in my new home that can help me continue to grow and learn what is acceptable. Usually, I am shy, but sometimes, I like to get spunky – I have a bounce in my step and just let loose and have fun!  I think that as we bond, those happy, fun days will become more and more frequent.  I am looking forward to it! I would love for you to come meet me, if you think I might be the girl for you!”

Learn more about Edna here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

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Written by Teryn J.