Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Daytona, Chy, and Frittata!

“Daytona is my name and that might make you think of the beach!  The beach is for fun, and I just happen to be a girl who’s looking for a family that wants to have some fun!  I’ve got plenty of energy and I love people.  I was transferred to Wayside from another shelter and I’m betting that I’ll find my new family soon.  I see lots of people coming here who are looking for a new furry friend.  Since you stopped to read about me, maybe you’ll decide that we are meant for each other! When you meet me, you’ll notice that I’m very friendly and happy.  I’m interested in just about everything…especially treats!  You could use those to get my attention and teach me some basic obedience skills.  I’d love to learn some commands so that I can be the best pet ever.  You could also help me learn good leash skills because sometimes I pull hard.  I can’t help it…it’s an exciting world out there and I love exploring it.  I think it would be wonderful to explore it with you!  When we come home tired from our adventures, we can cuddle up for some resting and loving time.  I’m a big fan of that too!Do you have any other dogs?  I’m energetic and playful and like to be with dogs who aren’t rude or aggressive.  When you come to visit me, I’ll need to meet any other dogs in your home…just to make sure we all get along.  I’m sure we will.  I can’t wait to meet you and show you what a good girl I am.  Hopefully you’ll come soon and see for yourself what a good companion I’d be.  Just ask for Daytona, like the beach.  I’ll be waiting and wiggling!”

Learn more about Daytona here.

“Purrrleased to meet you! My name is Chy and I’m a darling nine-month-old kitty with gorgeous brown fur. I came to Wayside when my last shelter ran out of space. Moving around has been very scary and while I’m not totally comfortable yet, I’m doing much better thanks to the kind and compassionate folks here. As I’m sure you guessed by my name, I’m quiet and reserved. I don’t like a lot of commotion. I’m looking for a home with kiddos over the age of 7. I don’t really enjoy being picked up and I need a family who will understand when I need my space. I need to have my own quiet area, like a spare bedroom, to help me adjust when I get home. In exchange I promise you I’ll be your life-long pal. Around here they tell me I’ve got a sweet purr. I love being pet on my head and I LOVE ear scratches. I also give excellent headbutts and I’m the best biscuit maker here! I love taking cat naps and I curl up into the cutest ball you’ll ever see. If you’re looking for a sweet, calm kitty to add to your family then look no further. I might just be the cat for you. Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!”

Learn more about Chy here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

“Hi there, I’m Frittata!  I’m such a good girl.  I’m playful and sweet and super fun!  I hope you will take the time to get to know me and let me show you what an all-around great dog and wonderful companion I can be.  All I need is someone to believe in me and give me my chance to shine. I’m an athletic and strong, 2 year old, 50 pound bundle of love with a silly smile and gentle eyes.   I am a beauty!  And I’m already fully housebroken.  I came to Wayside as a stray and then no one ever came for me.  Well, that’s their loss, because I am one fine dog!  I felt sort of stressed at the shelter though, so I’ve been able to relax and re-charge in a loving foster home.  It’s fantastic here and I’m not sure I want to leave, but Foster Mom tells me this is just a temporary stop on my journey.  She’s teaching me a lot about life and manners, so that I’ll be ready when you come for me.  I can’t wait for that day and I’m so very excited to get to know you! Life in my foster home is one happy and fun adventure!  Foster Mom loves me because of my delightful personality and also because I’m so well behaved.  I’m completely housebroken and I haven’t had any accidents at all.  Besides that, I can be trusted to roam free in the house even when no one is home.  I never cause any trouble or get into things that aren’t mine.  I’m happy and bouncy and goofy and fun.  I get along just great with everyone I’ve met and I’m a polite and friendly dog to spend time with.  My foster home is sometimes busy and loud, but that doesn’t bother me a bit.  I love to go for walks and run and play in the backyard.  I’m also smart and I know all sorts of commands that I can’t wait to show you.  Foster Mom stays patient and calm with me and she praises me when I’m a good girl, so I’ve quickly learned all the house rules and I love to make her happy by following them.  I will do the same for you! I live with other animals in my foster home and I’m proud to say that we all get along really well!  First off, there’s a cat.  He hissed at me the first day and I’ve left him alone ever since.  Then there’s an older, smaller dog who doesn’t really like to play, so I leave him alone too.  Lastly, there is a friendly dog about my age and size and we love to run and play and nap together.  We’re best of friends!  I also live with teenagers and they are pretty cool!  They’re so fun to hang out with.  I haven’t spent time around young kids under 5 or so and I might be too big and strong for some of them.  Why don’t you just plan to bring the whole family to meet me and we can see how we all get along. I hope you decide that I might be the perfect match for your family!  I’m adaptable and happy and I love to have a good time.  I don’t like being homeless though and I long for the day that I have a forever family to call my very own.  I want to make your life more fun just by having me as part of it.  Please, let me do that for you!”

Learn more about Frittata here.

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Written by Teryn J.