Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Tigger, Ginger, and Domino!

“The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things! I’m a little less bouncy than the Tigger you’re thinking of, but I promise I’m just as cute and loyal. I’m here at Wayside waiting to find my furever family and maybe that could be you! I’m considered the Leader of the Band. That means that I’m always in and around the action. I’m confident and I always want to check out the adventure around me but I’m also super sweet and cuddly. I love being pet and scratched and I’ll repay you in purrs and head butts! I also love pouncing and chasing on different toys. When you come to visit me, you’ll see on my information card that I’m FIV positive. I hope you won’t let this stop you from taking me home, because with a healthy, indoor-only lifestyle, an FIV positive cat can have a long, happy life! I can’t wait to meet you! I know we’ll be the best of friends.”

Learn more about Tigger here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

“Hi there! My name is Ginger and I’m so glad that you stopped by to read more about me, and I think you will be too! I don’t want to brag but I’m told that I’m a beautiful American Blue Heeler mix with pretty spots and a foxy smile. And I’m told that I have the personality to match. I transferred to Wayside from another shelter. Moving around can be scary but I’m so excited to be here because rumor has it that you can find a really great family here at Wayside and that is just what I am looking for! You see, I’m a lovable, energetic girl who is looking for an active, affectionate family. Yep, that’s right, I said affectionate because I LOVE belly rubs. I’ll snuggle up next to you or roll over for some extra pets and love and I’ll have some nice kisses for you in return!! When we aren’t busy loving each other, I would love daily exercise. I could be a good running or walking buddy. Long walks around the neighborhood? Visits to the park? That all sounds great to me! I’m capable of keeping up with an active lifestyle and in fact, I would just love that! Another skill of mine is jumping! I have the ability to jump very high, and because of that, I’ll need a tall fence or to be monitored while I’m outside. Just in case I get the itch to test my jumping skills. I have met a few dogs here at wayside and I seemed to like them. I’m told I have good social skills, but I would still love to meet any future furry dog siblings. Please bring them to Wayside so we can make sure that we will be a great fit! I’m a smart girl who already knows multiple commands but I could benefit from some obedience training. I mean, who doesn’t like to learn new things and show off their skills? I know I would! Wow, they sure say a lot of nice things about you here! Really makes a girl feel good. What would make me feel even better is meeting you! I’ll be sure to show you how great you are too. Please come to Wayside soon so that we can meet and start our adventures together!”

Learn more about Ginger here.

“Hello there! I’m an adorable little kitten! I am a bundle of fun in a small package and I am so ready for a new family to call my own. Kittens are so much fun and boy do we love to play! I will need some work on training but we will have a lot of fun along the way. Being such a youngster I will definitely need both physical and mental stimulation to help me stay well rounded. Give me some fun and interactive toys in the mix and we will have the time of our lives! I think I should also tell you that I love to cuddle. Curl up with me and I will purr to show you just how happy I am; cuddles are my favorite! If you are looking for a new buddy to bring you smiles and cheer, come on out to Wayside Waifs and ask to meet me!”

Learn more about Domino here.

You can meet all of our wonderful Waifs during our adoption hours! Please note the change this week as we gear up for our annual Adopt-A-Thon!

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday: CLOSED
  • Thursday: CLOSED
  • Friday: 7am-7pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 1pm-6pm

Written by Teryn J.