Please welcome our Waifs of the Week: Dollie, and Heathcliff!

“Hi there, I’m Dollie!  I want to be your dog.  I want to play and exercise and cuddle with you every day.  I’ve spent too much time being homeless and I’m so ready to finally find my forever family.  I hope that’s you!  I’ve been waiting my whole life for you.  I’m smart, fun, energetic, and I never have a bad day.  I will make a wonderful companion for you! I’m an adorable, 3 ½ year old, 47 pound sweetheart with beautiful and unique markings.  I first came to Wayside last fall as a transfer from New Orleans.  And I was adopted twice, but neither of those homes worked out for me.  One of my owners was allergic and I was too active for the other.  That’s ok though and I understand that things sometimes just don’t work out as planned.  At least I had a break from the shelter and I’m happy that someone wanted to give me a chance.  During my time in a home, I was able to show off a few of my good qualities.  I’m crate trained, I enjoy car rides, and I even do well at the groomers.  I’m friendly and social with most everyone I meet.  I love to go walking or running, and a harness helps to keep me from pulling.  I’m athletic and strong and sometimes I forget my own strength when I’m out walking.  I’m good at sharing and I’m not protective of my stuff.  I love toys and balls so much!  I can keep myself entertained when I have my favorite toys to play with.  After a day filled with exercise and fun, I love to be close to you and I’m quite an affectionate and loving dog.  I’m friendly and eager to please and easy to train.  Please teach me what you expect from me and I’ll try my best to follow all the rules. I love to play hard with other dogs and I even get to participate in doggie play groups with other energetic and playful dogs at Wayside.  My play can get rough though, so I might be too much for older or more laidback dogs.  And I might be too much for young kids as well.  Please bring the whole family to meet me and we can see how we all get along.  I will need daily exercise in my new home to keep me happy, healthy, and calm.  I’m not the sort of dog who will be happy being left alone in a yard or crate all day.  I need you to be active with me and exercise with me.  A daily walk, run, or hike is something I need from you and I hope you enjoy it too.  I’ll be a great partner if you need motivation to stay in shape, because I’ll be your constant companion.  Also, please be sure to supervise me when I’m outside.  I didn’t have a fence in my last home and I was known to wander off from time to time.  I’d love a big yard with a fence to keep me safe and secure! I want to go on adventures and make great memories with you.  And I want to share my happy attitude, delightful personality, and zest for life with you. We will be best buddies and share so many good times together.  I can’t wait!  Please come out to meet me today!”

Learn more about Dollie here. She also has a video, which you can view here.

“Thanks for reading about me! My name is Heathcliff. I’m a single silver tabby male, and I LOVE to cuddle. Oh and I love to talk, too. So if you are looking for a special someone to fill your days and nights with affection and conversation, I’m the perfect guy for you.  We can chat and snuggle while you gaze into my perfectly lined, soulful olive green eyes. A nice lady found me with some pretty severe wounds to my legs. She tried to find my people, but had no luck, so she brought me here to Wayside, where I could get veterinary care and find a new family. So … here I am! In my time here at Wayside, I have become one of the most popular cats with staff and volunteers. Seriously,  I have people lining up to come cuddle with me in my room. As I mentioned, I do like to talk, and I have a rather loud, gruff-sounding meow. Please don’t let that put you off … I’m really a love bug and teddy bear at heart. I’m a chill, laid-back guy, but I also like to play. I am smart, too. I have a puzzle feeder in my room, and I’m very adept at taking out my food, one kibble at a time, and savoring it slowly. Working a little for my food helps me maintain my lean, muscular physique as well as providing mental stimulation. There’s one more thing I should tell you: I have tested positive for FIV. It’s really no big deal. It just means that I need regular veterinary care and an indoors-only lifestyle. But once you see what a sweet, loving boy I am, you will never want me far away from you anyway. I’m getting lots of love here at Wayside, but I am dreaming of a lap–and a home–to call my very own. Maybe yours?”

Learn more about Heathcliff here. He also has a video, which you can view here.

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Written by Teryn J.