Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our adorable Waifs of the Week: Bruce, Bell, and Pancha. One of our original Waifs of the Week, Syrus, was adopted, so Pancha is stepping up to the plate. These three cuties can’t wait to go home!

Hey there! My name is Bruce, and I am one handsome dog, don’t you think? I am mostly black, but have brown and white in my coat too. I am a big boy, weighing about 70 pounds. I’m over two years old, so I’m probably as big as I’m going to get.

I have lots of energy and love to play, especially with balls and other toys that you can throw! I’m such a good chaser. If the folks here at Wayside would ever let me loose, I’d sure chase all the squirrels they have around here! I walk pretty well on a leash, but just make sure to have a firm grip on it if one of those silly squirrels crosses our path. I’m looking for a pretty active family who’d like to have a four-legged companion on all of their adventures.

Does that sound like you? If so, please come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love and kisses, Bruce

Thanks for reading about me! My name is Bell, and I’m a beautiful, regal-looking, soft gray tabby girl.

I’m a high-energy gal who loves to play. My favorite toy is a Cat Charmer, which is a long piece of fabric on a stick. When you wave it around for me, I’ll have lots of fun chasing it around! When we are done, I will carry it around the house in my mouth. That way I won’t forget where I put it! I sure hope my new family will play with me every day. It will help me burn off energy, and it’s a great way for us to bond with each other while having fun.

I also love it when people talk to me. I’m a great listener, and I will probably weigh in with my own meowed opinions from time to time as well. I enjoy being pet on my head and neck. I can get a little overstimulated, so it would be best if my adopter is a cat-savvy person who understands cat personalities and behaviors. Just so you know, I’d prefer to go to a home with no dogs or other cats. I promise to be the only four-legged friend you will need!

Anything else you’d like to know about me? Just come to Wayside and ask me!

Love, Bell

Hello, I’m Pancha! I’m so happy you’re taking the time to learn about me! I was transferred to Wayside after my last place ran out of room.  I am a larger dude at 90 pounds so I can understand that.  I am so glad I am here because I just know my family will come to adopt me soon!

I am a super fluffy Great Pyrenees-type fella, and I love to explore the world around me. I’m a great leash walker, and I enjoy walking around the nice trails they have here. I’m a super smart pup––I know the command “sit” already, and I’m so ready to learn more. I’m only 2 years old, so I can’t wait to enjoy life with you!

I do request that you bring the whole family, including dogs, to meet me before you bring me home so I can make sure that we’ll all be buddies. Believe it or not, I am even more stunning in person, so come to Wayside and ask to meet me soon!

Love, Pancha

Come meet our adoptable waifs during adoption hours!

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