Happy Waif Wednesday! Meet our three fabulous Waifs of the Week: Dino, Kit, and Bruno. All three of these cuties are on the hunt for their forever families.

Hi there, I’m Dino! I’m a 2-year-old sweetheart with a delightful personality. I originally came to Wayside as a stray. I’m a wonderful companion!  I have a nice amount of energy without being too much. Here at Wayside, I’m what they call a Green List Runner. That means that I make a great running buddy because I stay focused and I keep a nice pace as I run. I also walk really well on my leash without much pulling.

I like to look at you as you talk to me, tilt my head, and try to figure out what you’re thinking and saying. I do this because I want to make you happy! I want to be your special dog that you think about for the rest of your life. Sometimes I just feel like hanging out, and during those times, I’m a friendly, affectionate dog who loves attention from you. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to warm up around new people, but if you’ll just stay patient with me and give me a little time, I will quickly become friends.

I can’t wait to be your dog! I think about you every day and the happy life I know we’ll have together. I’m waiting patiently for you to come and meet me so I can show you what a good boy I am.

Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Dino

Hi! Are you here looking for your family, too? Then I should introduce myself! My name is Kit, and I’m a 4-year-old little lady. What I might lack in size I make up for in purr-sonality. (All puns aside, I really am a great purr-er!)

Receiving pets and cheek rubs are some of my very favorite things, and it’s no secret to anyone who spends a few minutes with me. Sometimes, when I’m really happy, I might roll over and let you see my beautiful belly, knead the air with my delightfully dainty paws, or simply stretch out and put my head into your hand. I also think I’m an excellent napping buddy, and would love to give it a try with you some wonderfully lazy afternoon.

I hope you’ll come and see me in person soon. The people here at Wayside are great, but I can’t wait to go home with my forever family!

I also have a cool video! Check it out here.

Come to Wayside and ask to meet me!

Love, Kit

Hi there, I’m Bruno! I’m happy, goofy, and playful. I still sort of feel like a puppy, even though I’m 2 years old. Life is meant to be celebrated, so that’s what I like to do, all day, every day! I came to Wayside as a transfer from a partner shelter when they ran out of space.

I’m already crate trained and mostly housebroken, too. I don’t really like being cooped up in a crate all day, but as long as I get plenty of exercise to wear me out, I can deal with it. I’m a work in progress, but I love learning! Currently, I’m staying in a foster home. The sky is the limit with what I can learn, and I’d love to have a job to do, so I hope to experience a lifetime of training and improving myself.

I absolutely love everyone I meet! I get so excited to jump up and say hello in a friendly sort of way. You can teach me not to be jumpy though…it’s just my instinct to show my enthusiasm for now. I love to play with my toys and stay busy and keep you laughing with my silly antics. I hope you like that about me! My life is all about having fun! I hope we have a lifetime of adventures and fantastic memories together. I want to be your partner for whatever comes our way.

Contact Wayside Adoptions at (816)986-4426 to meet me!

Love, Bruno

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