Bringing a New Dog Home

Bringing Your New Dog Home - The First Few Weeks Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new dog or puppy! This can be an exciting time but also a stressful time. Everyone is going to need a little time to adjust to new routines and new relationships. Here...

Canine Body Language – 101

Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to communicate with you? Dogs “speak” mostly with their bodies, often relaying very little with their vocal cords. We can learn a lot about our companions by understanding their body language, which in turn allows us to...

Holiday Safety Tips

Keep your furry friends safe during the holidays! Tip #1: Keep all food in a safe place Make sure all of the food is in a place where your pets […]

Meet Stevie Nicks!

Stevie Nicks Hi there, I'm Stevie Nicks! No, I'm not in a band or anything like that, but I'm happy to be named after someone so special. And you can change my name when you come to adopt me, if you want to! I'll answer to anything you decide to name me, because it...

Bored Pets? Try These Activities!

BE CREATIVE! Puzzle feeders are great for treats! ● Feed all meals in some type of slow feeder or puzzle feeder. A good example of this would be a KongWobbler. This helps them work for their food and keeps them occupied for a longer length of time.● If the weather is...

Meet Parker!

Hi there, I'm Parker! I'm happy and friendly and playful and lots of fun. Most importantly, there is no place on earth I'd rather be than right by your side. I'll make such a nice friend and companion for you, if you'll just give me my chance to shine. That's all I've...

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